Enterprise grade
referral management system

Simplify healthcare delivery and communication


of referrals sent to the wrong provider

Patients are often sent to a specialist who does not manage their particular condition, leading to patient dissatisfaction and delays in care. This adversely impacts patient follow-through and outcomes. Finding the right provider the first time around is vital.


revenue loss due to patient leakage

Referring physicians may send patients to out-of-network providers, owing to lack of awareness and poor communication. Out-of-network referrals is a persistent and costly problem that accounts for an approximate 20% revenue loss to health systems annually.


of providers are dissatisfied with referral communication

Many health systems and practices do not have a robust communication system, leading to delays in information dissemination and increased confusion. An integrated communication feed ensures immediate reach to a targeted audience in real-time.

Loop connects all healthcare stakeholders
onto a single platform

Care teams





Business intelligence

Refer patients closer to home

Referral management

Improve care continuity.
Increase patient satisfaction.
Keep patients in the network.

Care team communication

Securely connect all care team members.
Improve audience engagement.
Enable transparency.

Clinical trial support

Easily refer a patient for evaluation. Create geographically focused awareness to targeted audiences.

Product & therapy awareness

Educate care teams on the latest developments. Keep abreast of healthcare tech and trends.

Referral analytics

Make data-driven decisions.
Leverage real-time information.
Simplify complex data analysis.

How Loop works

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