Structural Heart Patient Management Made Easy

ValveTraq+™ was developed to aid in the development and growth of structural heart and valve programs. Poor data storage mediums (spreadsheets, documents, dry-erase boards, and sticky notes) breeds inefficiencies resulting in a delay of patient care. Unlike an EMR, ValveTraq+™ was specifically designed as a patient workflow tool, not a mere data repository. It's time for an app that keeps up with the ever expanding technology of transcatheter technology.

For Team Members

Improve Efficiency

  • Task Automation
  • SMART Checklists
  • Increase Productivity

Comprehensive Tool

  • Key 3rd Party Integrations Across the Care Continuum
  • Covers ALL Structural Heart & Valve Therapies
  • Patient Engagement Strategies

Enhance Team Member Collaboration

  • Team Member Education
  • Coordinator Community Engagement
  • Bring the Team onto One Platform

Data & Analytics

  • Real-Time and Comparative Analytics
  • Process Improvement & Best Practice Development
  • Customizable Dashboard Library

For Organizational Administrators

Care Delivery

  • Earlier Patient Identification
  • Reduce Preventable Hospitalizations
  • Elevate Care Delivery Models

Business Development

  • Understand Structural Heart Attributable Volumes
  • Referring Physician Analytics
  • Targeting Opportunities


  • Right-Size Staff for Program Demands
  • Future Planning Made Easier
  • Reduce Impact of Staff Turnover

Data & Analytics

  • Robust Data Assessment Across the Enterprise
  • Early Outcome Signals
  • Assess & Impact Quality Metrics

User Testimonials


I like having the ability to follow echoes, love using the calendar for keeping up with patients. I like the timeline that indicates the patient testing flow and the alerts.

Program Coordinator



Keeps all patient information concise and is more efficient to find all patient data in one place.

Program Coordinator



Increased efficiency, organization. Ability to quickly pull metrics for a variety of needs within the hospital system.



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