Loop brings all the
healthcare community onto one platform

For care teams

Secure communication

  • HIPAA-compliant messaging
  • Bring members of your care team together on one platform to discuss cases
  • Securely exchange rich media with colleagues
  • Patient-centered communication allows for better transparency during the referral process

Real-time communication feed

  • Deliver focused educational materials to targeted audiences
  • Create useful content from mobile or desktop devices
  • Interact with team members around your organization in real time
  • Compatible with platforms such as Microsoft Teams

Easy EHR interoperability

  • Connections to multiple EHRs to improve referral flow
  • Integration potential allows for cross collaboration across healthcare systems and practices

Useful engagement tools

  • In-app polling and surveys
  • Posting and share images and videos on the feed
  • Push notifications and email alerts to notify users

For physicians

Patient-centered communication

  • Easily update your referring teams about their patients
  • Bring all involved providers in a single communication loop
  • Develop robust relationships with your referring network
  • Secure multi-media dissemination of educational materials

Therapy awareness

  • Educate your referring networks
  • Target your audience for information delivery
  • Industry-sponsored opportunities for awareness
  • Web-based platform to simplify information entry

Care team creation

  • Customize your care team based on your facility location
  • Permission-based access to multiple features
  • Add members to your care team on the fly

Multi-faceted search engine

  • Search categories direct the user to the correct provider
  • Select filter options to further refine the search
  • Profile overview creation increases visibility

For patients

Comprehensive communication

  • Opt-in email preferences for patients
  • Direct the messaging regarding patient education
  • Customizable email templates to engage patients

Useful information dissemination

  • Google Maps integration
  • Practice and provider information
  • Improve engagement prior to the visit

Patient-centered engagement

  • Bring all members of the care team together
  • Connect caregivers across multiple symptoms

Reduce wrong referrals

  • Optimized referral search engine workflows
  • Accurate categorization of provider services
  • Accurate categorization of facility services

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